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Our Story

We believe it's time that golf adapted to the modern world.

Let's face it. The golf industry is quite old-fashioned and hasn't changed much over the last few decades.

Don't get us wrong...We dearly value and respect the unique traditions of our sport - we just think it's time that it caught up with the modern era.

To do this our beloved sport needs fresh ideas and concepts.  As well as people taking charge to make the game sustainable and successful in the long run.

That's why we founded tomorrow golf.

Our Mission

We want golf to be accessible and sustainable.

Our goal is to change the world of golf, nothing less than that. We want to make golf future-proof and we realised there are two important aspects to that.

First, we have to keep barriers to entry low. Experiencing golf should be easy and affordable for all. Less obligations, more fun.

Second, we need to ensure that golf is in harmony with nature, not against it. For us that means using our natural resources much more efficiently.

Play today. Care about tomorrow.

Our Team

Forget all of the reasons it won't work and believe in the one reason it will.

We’re Raphael and Lukas, two golfers from Austria who truly love the sport with all its ups and downs. We are no golf pros and probably never will be. 😉

With tomorrow golf we strive to be a modern golf brand with sustainability at the core of our actions.

We're constantly trying new things, challenging ourselves and the status quo.

It's important to us to be transparent in what we're doing and why we're doing it, even if no one is watching.

And we're not afraid to think BIG.

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