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BUY GOOD, DO GOOD: For every STARTER PACK you buy, we support the Rainforest Alliance with 10% of our revenue. Valid until 19th of December. Together we can make an impact!

16 x GOLF BALLS (+ FREE tees)

What do you get?

- New golf balls with a 100% recycled core
- Great distance with driver
- Good control & feel for your short game
- Suitable for all players & age groups
- Plastic-free packaging
- Made in Europe

Quantity: 16 balls


Construction 2-Piece
Core Material 100% Polybutadiene ♻️ 
Cover Material Soft Surlyn
Colour White
Dimples 352 Bee-Panel Pattern
Compression 85
Alignment Lines  ✓


+ FREE ADD-ON: 16 x Eco-Friendly Bamboo Tees


Colour Natural
Size 70 mm
Tee bag Linen fabric


Why are bamboo tees a good thing?

- Stronger than hardwood tees
- No plastic & biodegradable
- Sustainable - Bamboo plants grow rapidly
- Bamboo produce 35% more oxygen


tomorrow golf balls great distance highly energetic core

Great Distance

Feel the power of sustainability. Highly energetic core with minimized driver spin. Same distance compared to well-known golf brands.

Soft & Durable Cover

The 2-piece construction features a soft Surlyn cover on the outside for a great feel on impact. Tough and cut-resistant material, making it very durable.

tomorrow golf balls soft and durable Surlyn cover
tomorrow golf balls using recycled materials

Recycled Materials

Every ball saves 38.6 grams of new rubber compared to a traditional model. This means less petrochemicals, plus we keep the ponds and lakes plastic free.

Plastic-free packaging

We only use recycled cardboard & grass paper, natural inks and no plastic at all in our packaging. Plus, we offset all transport carbon emissions.

tomorrow golf plastic-free packaging
tomorrow golf balls made in Europe

Made in Europe

Our golf balls are 100% European, from design to manufacturing. This way we're reducing transport emissions and supporting the local economy.

Let's change the world of golf together.